Class descriptions - Brisbane

One of the best things about dancing at MDH is the variety of teachers we have. All teachers have their own way of teaching and their own style of dancing and therefore you may find you will want to bounce around the timetable to experience the full gammet of classes on offer at MDH!

MDH teachers rock! Seriously- they will rock you!! The teachers of MDH are all amazing and passionate people who are constantly expanding and evolving in their artform. They have all been hand picked and are undoubtedly the best dancers/choreographers in Brisbane/QLD/Australia. Their skills, expertise, professionalism and down to earth personalities will have you hooked on dance in no time!
The fact that most of MDH teachers have top class training and performance experience, both nationally and internationally, keeps us abreast with current trends in the industry and at the top of the game here in Australia.

Another aspect that keeps MDH fresh is the frequent visits from national and international guest teachers. Guest Teachers who have worked with Artists such as Usher, Pink, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Christina Aguilera have taught at MDH.

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