(Check out the descriptions below to help you choose which classes to do!)


Classical ballet provides a great grounding for all other dance styles and Ballet is the ultimate when it comes to the control of your body. It is easy to begin at any age and will help improve pretty much every aspect of your body’s fitness including posture, muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and even your artistic expression.


Break Dancing (also called breaking, b-boying or b-girling) is a type of dance that is done by people who are part of the hip hop culture. B-boy means boy who dances on breaks (breakbeats).

A super fun style to get amongst.

Learn some basic break steps to practice and excel in!


Contemporary is an expressive dance form with a free, artistic and creative feel. Contemporary draws a lot of its technique from classical ballet but unlike ballet, contemporary often focuses on floor work and dancers will usually perform with bare feet. Principles of contemporary dance include centering, alignment, gravity, contraction, release and suspension.

In this class you will be doing Contemporary moves to modern music. A cross between Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. Some routines will involve partner work! Great Fun!


An awesome cardio workout that will keep your body moving. It will work every muscle in your body and get you sweating. Come and try out this new fun workout.

Dance Bootcamp is a high energy work-out fitness class including elements of both cardio and strength. For the dancers out there, Tammi aims to do exercises which will assist you to become a stronger, cleaner dancer. For those who are simply looking for a work-out, this class is the perfect one for you also! Anyone who has been one of Tammi T‘s classes before knows that we are not lying when we say her energy is infectious, uplifting and we guarantee it will be more fun than any other Bootcamp experience you’ve had before!!!

Don't be put off by the name - this is an enjoyable but challenging class that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your current level of flexibility!
Each class begins with a simple warm up to prepare and condition the muscles and then moves into a series of stretches. You will begin by stretching on your own, working within your own limits and will transition into partner work for a deeper, more intense stretch. If you commit to this class you are guaranteed to see an improvement in your overall flexibility!

HIP HOP HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Hip Hop HITT is putting the fun into fitness! Tammi puts together some sweet combos before hitting play and having everyone constantly do these moves over and over again.

A class dedicated to building your fitness using balle -like drills at the barre and in the centre. An all over body workout. 

Add power and endurance to your dance – any dance, any level! This class uses a series of exercises and drills from various street based styles to help you level up in whichever dance you do. Test yourself, push your limits, and have fun doing it.


Hip Hop is an umbrella term that encompasses many styles. For some it is a way of life with its own culture. This is a style anyone can learn, no prior training is necessary. If you find you naturally love to dance when out on the dance floor (beverage in hand or not!) this is the style for you. Refine your skills and chase that feeling of mastering a routine. That’s what we are all addicted to here at Mad Dance House - the feeling of getting a routine and letting yourself go in a routine.

We call it Girly Style so you know exactly what you will be getting! In other hip hop classes the style can often change week to week with the teachers choice of music, but in this class-it will always be girly! Don’t get us wrong-guys are welcome too. Be prepared to really get your sexy on!

A class purely dedicated to discovering your own individual style. The teachers of this class lead you through simple repetitive moves that you could use on the dance floor. There is no ‘routine’ in this class as such, more combo’s of steps that feel natural and look goooood!! Dancers that do this class love it and often come out in a sweat so bring a water bottle and a towel!

A class focused on learning the grooves and foundation of Hip-Hop and Street Dance styles. From old school party dances to new school freestyling, waving, popping and locking; this class will focus on individual students improving their own dance and style.

Open to everyone, this class is all about having fun in a party atmosphere! This class is open to all levels from casual dancers dropping in to industry dancers. Don't be scared to join if you're new to dancing, everyone has to start somewhere!

Fusing Jazz Funk and Hip Hop, this class is sexy, fun and sensual.

Focusing on lines, confidence and intention, this class is for everyone! Man, woman, heel or no heel!
The aim of this class is to create a safe, inviting and fun space where everyone feels good about letting go without judgement.

***Heels are optional! If you are new to dancing in heels, please make sure that you are comfortable walking and moving in them before wearing them in class. Err on the side of caution and choose a pair of heels that are thicker, lower and have ankle support.


House dance is a social dance and street dance primarily danced to house music that has roots in the clubs of Chicago and of New York.The main elements of House dance include "Footwork", "Jacking", and "Lofting". House dance is often improvised and emphasizes fast and complex foot-oriented steps combined with an upper-body groove.


After a thorough warm up, you will learn a more technical style of dance in this class including pirouettes, kicks and leaps. You will then learn a routine to current and popular music. Jazz is a fantastic workout and is great if you really want to work on the more technical aspects of dance.

After a technical Jazz warm up you will learn similar routines to that you would see in shows such as Fame, West Side Story and Chicago! The routine changes every week and  everyone who attends has great fun!

A sexy, sharp and energetic style of dance. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. This style feels great when you get it!

These type of steps are really like tricks for dancers and therefore it is important to execute them cleanly and correctly. You will be taught different combinations incorporating kicks, jumps & turns. It feels amazing to nail these moves and is the closest feeling you’ll get to flying!  Kick, Jumps and Turns is a fun class that will improve your dancing fast.

A sharp and energetic style of dance. You will learn basic techniques before learning a routine. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. This style feels great when you get it!

This is a high energy, action packed class done in high heels incorporates genres of pop, jazz and hip hop. this class can be done with or without heels and both men and women are invited to come! A great class all about self love and bringing out your hidden side. This is a fun and sexy class to best work on your sass and fierceness, while focusing on your performance and lines. Thicker heels might be more comfortable if you’re not use to moving in heels.


Locking is a style of funk dance (associated with Hip Hop) that evolved in the late 60's. This unique style is characterised by its fast and distinct arm and hand movements combined with more relaxed hips and legs.
Locking is an animated and engaging style of dance that often incorporates humour into routines making it exciting to watch and even more exciting to perform! You will have will have great fun in this class and it really is possible to nail these moves with practice!


An extremely eye catching, crowd pleasing style of dance. Popping is a party dance from the 60’s and 70’s. It is an awesome skill for any dancer to have, not to mention that you will be the hit of the next party you are at! We’ve seen crowds stop time and time again when a dancer starts popping!

Popping is based on the technique of quickly tensing and relaxing the muscles to cause a jerk or pop. Popping can be concentrated to specific body parts and appears very rhythmic when done on the beat. Related styles include animation, boogaloo, robot, strobing and gliding.

This class will give you the basic skills needed for a strong foundation in popping. You'll learn popping basics - hits, grooves, weight transfer, Boogaloo basics, animation - waving, robot, gliding


Reggaeton is the fusion of Reggae, Latin and Hip Hop flavours. Reggaeton focuses on strong and sensual hip movements (commonly known as dancing 'perreo') and often incorporates hip hop grooves and latin dance technique.

Yasim's class is super fun and energetic, and will get you sweating!!!


Learn basics of Salsa and learn a short combo that you can perform by yourself! Fun and great for fitness. 


Tap dance is a style of dance in which a dancer wearing shoes fitted with heel and toe taps sounds out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor or any other hard surface. A fun class to try out if you've ever wanted to feel as cool as Fred Astaire! 


A combination of Yoga and Pilates, this class will give you a full body stretch whilst learning to be present in the moment.